Nepal’s Everest Base Camp gets an office

Mount Everest has the title of the “highest point on Earth”. In recent times, it is also being called the “world’s highest garbage dump.” In the last 60 years, over 4,000 people have successfully climbed Mount Everest, and many more have made the attempt. They have left behind an estimated 50 tons (45,000 kg or 100,000 lb) of trash including oxygen tanks, water bottles, poop, food wrappers, and much more.  The Nepalese government has organized trips up the mountain for people to bring down trash, but there is still plenty left. The government is going to enforce a new rule starting this year. Every climber that goes above the Everest Base Camp (which is at an approximate height of 5,300 m or 17,380 ft) has to come back with 8 kg (18 lb) of trash. Nepal recently built its first office at the Everest Base Camp. Officials will be posted there to make sure things run smoothly.

Mount Everest sits on the border between Nepal and China and has a height of 8,848 m (29,029 ft). The first two people to climb its peak were Edmund Hillary (from New Zealand) and Tenzing Norgay (from Nepal) on May 29, 1953.  May is considered one of the best months to climb to the top of Mount Everest, and on a day with good weather, there can be a human traffic jam in certain sections of the climb. So far this year, 300 mountaineers from 41 nations have been approved to make the trek to the summit.

Climbing Mount Everest is a dream for many, and people try to break all sorts of records.  In May last year, an 80-year old Japanese climber, Yuichiro Miura (image), became the oldest person to have climbed the mountain. Also in May last year, Valery Rozov, a Russian jumper, took a leap off one of the sides of Mount Everest setting a record for the “world’s highest ever BASE jump”. BASE stands for Building, Antenna, Span (bridges), and Earth (cliffs).

Nepal is known as the “trekker’s paradise”. Of the 10 highest peaks in the world, 8 are in Nepal. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, and the country’s official language is Nepali. You can watch Rozov jumping and a video about climbing Everest here.

Did you know?

Tenzing Norgay Trainor, an actor in Disney’s TV show Liv and Maddie, is the grandson of Tenzing Norgay.

Did you know?

April 22 is Earth Day, a day to celebrate our Earth and also a day to remind ourselves about things we can do to keep our planet clean and healthy! Here is a video about it.

Image Credits: Jamling Tenzing Norgay for Norgay and Hillary’s image, Rdevany for Mt. Everest’s image, for Miura’s image
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