Facebook buys WhatsApp

Do you use WhatsApp to exchange messages with your friends? Well, now you are using Facebook! WhatsApp has been bought by Facebook for US$19 billion. That’s 19 followed by 9 zeros! WhatsApp is an application that allows you to send messages on smartphones. It was founded in California, USA, and its CEO is Jan Koum. The name “WhatsApp” is a play on the words “What’s Up”. Facebook, a social networking website, was started in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg (and some of his friends) while he was a student at Harvard University. He dropped out of school to work on Facebook. The company’s headquarters are also in California, USA. Zuckerberg is the CEO of the company.

Did you know?

Do you use Instagram? That company was also bought by Facebook, for US$1 billion in 2012.

Image Credits: http://www.whatsapp.com

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