Elections in El Salvador

El Salvador’s current vice president, Salvador Sanchez Ceren, won the presidential election. The election was between two people, and Ceren won by 50.1%. His contender lost by less than 7,000 votes. That was quite a close election!

El Salvador’s history has been marked by many wars, including one that broke out after a soccer match. El Salvador was playing against its neighbor Honduras to qualify for the 1970 FIFA World Cup, when fans insulted and harassed each other’s teams. The tension between the two countries, which was already high at the time, was further increased, and a four day war broke out between them. El Salvador also had a 12 year civil war (1980 – 1992) in which more than 75,000 people were killed.

The country’s name, the capital city’s name, and the newly elected president’s name all share the word “Salvador”. The capital is San Salvador. The word ‘Salvador’ means ‘savior’ in Spanish.

Image Credits: ComunicacionesSalvador for Ceren’s image

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