Protests still going on in Thailand and Ukraine

Since November last year, people in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, have been protesting against their countries’ governments. In both countries, the protests were peaceful until recently. In both nations, some people involved in the protests have been hurt.

In Bangkok, the people want their country’s leader, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, to step down. They are upset with Shinawatra because her government tried to pass some bills they found unfair. The country’s next presidential elections are going to be held in February, but people want her to resign now.

In Kiev, people were initially upset because Ukraine’s government decided not to sign an agreement to improve its relationships with the European Union. Instead, the government decided to focus on improving ties with Russia. Now some new laws have been passed in the country which take away people’s freedom of speech, and Ukrainians are furious about that. They want their country’s government to step down.

Image Credits: Nessa Gnatoush for Ukraine protest image, Ilf_ for Thailand protest image
Sources:, BBC, Al Jazeera