Fastest rising search terms on Google for 2013

As we say goodbye to 2013, here are some of the fastest rising search terms on Google for last year: “Nelson Mandela” (the South African leader who passed away in December), “ iPhone 5s” (the mobile phone released by Apple), “Boston Marathon” (the race in Boston, USA where some bombs went off), “Royal Baby” (UK’s Prince William’s son who was born in July), “PlayStation 4” (the new video game console released by Sony), and “North Korea” (the country that threatened to attack the US). It’s interesting that the popular search terms in a year hint at the major events that took place on our planet. Here is a video showing major events of 2013.


Did you know?

Do you have a magnetic personality? Well, Etibar Elchev from Georgia certainly does! He broke a world record for the most number of spoons (53) stuck magnetically to a human body. You can watch a video here.


Image Credits: for Google’s logo

Sources:, BBC