Cold wave in North America

The popular word for 2014 so far seems to be “polar vortex”. The north and eastern parts of North America have been experiencing extremely cold temperatures and have been hit with heavy winter storms in 2014. Polar vortex are wind streams found around the north or south poles that circulate in an anti-clockwise fashion. However, a very cold mass of air has made its way from the arctic region to more southern areas causing very low temperatures in parts of Canada and the United States. It was simply freezing in the region. Many schools were shut and people were advised to stay at home. Here is an image showing snow coverage over North America.

Did you know?

The coldest natural temperature ever recorded at ground level on our planet is −89.2ºC (−128.6ºF) at the Russian Vostok Research Station in Antarctica in 1983. The coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth from satellite data is -93.2ºC (-135.8ºF) in Antarctica in 2010.

Image Credits: for North America snow image