Air space issues

Last month, China declared its Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ). This upset Japan as China’s ADIZ went over some islands that are claimed by both China and Japan in the East China Sea. It also upset South Korea as the ADIZ boundary went over a rock claimed by both South Korea and China also in the East China Sea. Just this week, South Korea has declared a larger ADIZ which now overlaps with China’s and Japan’s ADIZ.

Well, what is an ADIZ? Every country has its national airspace which also can cover some water bodies that surround the country. However, for security purposes, a country needs some time to react if enemy planes enter its airspace. Some countries have created an ADIZ, which is an area in airspace over land or water that can stretch beyond the country’s national airspace. This larger boundary is like an early warning system, and gives a country time to react. Nations define their own ADIZs, and there are no international organizations that control them.

Did you know?

Samsung Group, a South Korean conglomerate company, built the world’s largest ship called the Prelude (488 m or 1,601 ft long, 74 m or 243 ft wide). Yes, it’s the same Samsung Group that makes the fancy cell phones. Here is a video about the Prelude.

Image Credits: James Kim for the ADIZ image
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