A few fun stories

A Belgian book association set a world record for “the longest book domino chain”. The domino chain was made up of 4,845 books (the previous record was less than 3,000 books). You can watch a video here.


How many people can say they hit a golf shot from Europe into Asia? Well, Tiger Woods, the American golfer, is one of them. He hit a golf shot on a bridge that connects the European part of Istanbul to the Asian part of Istanbul. Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city, and has parts on both continents. You can watch a video here.




The Japanese car company, Honda, put out a video advertisement for its SUV called CR-V. The video uses optical illusions, and not computer generated images, to trick your brain. You can watch a video here.



You can also watch a video showing the making of the above video.


Did you know?

A video advertisement for Honda’s Accord car in 2003 became very famous. The advertisement is a two-minute long series of domino effects. It took 606 takes to make the video. You can watch it here.


Image Credits: http://tgf.org.tr for Tiger Wood’s image
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