What a jump!

It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane..It’s Jeb Corliss! Corliss, a 37-year old American BASE-jumper, recently dived out of a helicopter wearing a wingsuit. When he jumped, he went through a very narrow and long crack (less than 20m or 65ft wide) between two mountain peaks of the Langshan Mountain in China. This wasn’t his first daring jump. He has jumped from the the Eiffel Tower (France), the Angel Falls (Venezuela), and many other places. He has sometimes come out of his jumps with broken bones. Last year, he broke some bones when he jumped from Table Mountain (South Africa). BASE stands for Building, Antenna, Span (bridges) and Earth (cliffs). You can watch his jump in China here.



Image Credits: CNN for the jump’s image

Sources: CNN, http://jebcorliss.net/