Throw your mobile phone

In August, the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship was held in Savonlinna, Finland. As the name describes it, the contest involves throwing a mobile phone. Riku Haverinen, from Finland, won the contest for throwing his mobile phone the farthest (97 metres or 318 feet). The Championship has been held every year in the same town for the last 13 years. You can watch a short video from this year’s Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship here.


There are other very unique world championships that are held in Finland every year. The Air Guitar World Championship was also held last month. Eric “Mean Melin” Melin (from the United States) was the winner. Do you know how to play an air guitar? You pretend to play an imaginary guitar with your hands! In July, the Wife Carrying World Championship took place, where a man carries his female teammate and runs through an obstacle course.

Did you know?

Nokia Corporation is a Finnish company famous for its mobile phones. On September 2, Microsoft, an American company, announced its plans to purchase Nokia’s mobile phone business unit.

Did you know?

A part of The Gran Vals by Francisco Tarrega is one of the most recognized tunes in the world. That’s thanks to Nokia’s default ringtone that used the tune. You can hear it here.

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