Tree causes problems in Vietnam

On May 22, a tall tree (over 10 meters or 30 feet long) was being moved in a truck using a crane. The tree hit and damaged a power line. It wasn’t any ordinary power line. It was a cable in Vietnam’s national power grid. The incident led to a massive power outage with about a third of Vietnam losing  electricity for several hours. Even parts of Cambodia, Vietnam’s neighbor, were in darkness since some of the electricity used in the country is provided by Vietnam. One of the world’s largest power outages (that is, a power outage affecting the most number of people) was in India in 2012. Over half a billion people in the country had to live without electricity for up to two days.

Did you know?

A symbol of Vietnam is a conical shaped hat (called non la) worn by the people. A traditional Vietnamese dance uses the conical hat. You can watch a video here.

Image Credits: VNEXPRESS and for the tree’s image
Sources: Vietnam Electricity Group