Snooker championship

Ronnie O’Sullivan (from the United Kingdom) won the 2013 World Snooker Championship on May 6 by defeating Barry Hawkins (also from the United Kingdom). O’Sullivan is 37 years old and has been nicknamed “The Rocket” because of his quick way of playing the game. The championship is played every year in Sheffield, UK. Snooker, like billiards, is played by using a long stick to hit a bunch of balls on a green table with holes. The most likely origins of snooker come from the British soldiers in India over a hundred years ago. They had invented a different version of billiards which got named after the term used for inexperienced soldiers – “snookers”!

Did you know?

Harry Brearly, an English metallurgist, is often credited for inventing “stainless steel” in the town of Sheffield, UK in 1913. However, this title is claimed by a few others as well.

Image Credits:  Anne-Marie Forker for O’Sullivan’s image