Shortages in Venezuela

There have been severe grocery shortages for items such as sugar, coffee, milk, butter, cooking oil, corn flour, and toilet paper in Venezuela.  The government controls the pricing of these basic products to keep the cost lower so that the people who don’t have much money can still afford to buy them. Since these products have to be sold at lower prices, Venezuelans have decreased manufacturing or growing some of these products in the country because they are not able to make enough of a profit.  Therefore, many of these products are bought from other countries and sold in Venezuela. However, earlier this year, the government devalued its currency, which made buying products from other countries more expensive. Some people believe this is one of the reasons for the grocery shortages in the country. The image shows the national tree of Venezuela, called the Tabebuia chrysantha (also known as Yellow Ipê).

Image Credits: for Tabebuia chrysantha’s image
Sources: CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera,