Save the Berlin Wall

Credit: Andre HuppertzRecently, many protesters gathered around a part of the Berlin Wall that a property development firm was going to break down to build an apartment complex. With the help of the local police, the firm was able to move some parts of the wall. Many citizens of Berlin want to save what is left of the Berlin Wall.  About 23 years ago, many of Berlin’s citizens rejoiced while breaking down this wall.


Credit: Andre HuppertzAfter World War II, Germany was divided into two countries, the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) and the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany). The city of Berlin (now the capital of Germany) was split between the two new nations.  Initially, people were allowed to move freely between the two parts of the city. However, life in East Germany was much harder than in West Germany and many East Germans started moving to West Germany through the city of Berlin. To prevent this, in 1961, the government of East Germany put up a barbed wire fence in East Berlin. This fence later became a concrete wall and went around the whole of West Berlin. The total length of the wall was approximately 100 miles (160 km). Many people tried to escape from East Germany to West Germany across the wall. Over the years, a few thousand people were able to escape across the wall into West Berlin. Some people built tunnels under the wall, some people even got on a hot air balloon to cross over.

In 1989, parts of the wall were torn down, and less than a year later, the two Germanies were united back into one.The fall of the Berlin Wall became a very famous incident. Some pieces of the wall can be found in various museums around the world. Most of the wall was removed, however, some sections of this wall are still standing today in Berlin. Many of these sections have art drawn on them by local citizens and various artists from around the globe. They are a big tourist attraction. The citizens of Berlin feel that this wall is a big part of their history, and now want to save what’s left of it.

Credit: MattelGerman is the official language of the country. Germany is famous for its castles, cars, cuckoo clocks, composers, fairy tales, black forest cake, sausages, breads, and much more!  Albert Einstein, one of the world’s greatest scientists, was also born in Germany. Germany’s head of government is Chancellor Angela Merkel. She has a barbie doll named after her!

Did you know?

An unexploded bomb left over from World War II was discovered near a train station in Berlin on April 3. The bomb was safely defused.

Did you know?

The gummy bear candy was invented in Germany by Hans Riegel Sr. in 1922. Here is a video of a song called “I’m A Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song)” written by a German composer.

Image Credits: André Huppertz for the Berlin Wall’s image, for Angela Merkel Barbie,Armin Linnartz for Chancellor Merkel’s image