President of Uruguay makes a blunder

Sometimes even presidents say things that are not very nice. The president of Uruguay, Jose Mujica, used words such as “old” and “stubborn” to refer to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the president of Argentina. Mujica did not realize that a microphone was turned on when he made his comments, and other people heard him.  Fernandez was not happy about it, and Mujica apologized.

There are many things in common between Argentina and Uruguay. The two countries share a border. They were colonies of Spain, and Spanish is the official language. The citizens of the two countries are very educated – about 98% of the countries’ population over the age of 15 can read and write. Argentina and Uruguay have given the world tango music. Both their flags use the colors white and blue, and a yellow sun. Uruguayans and Argentinians love soccer (football). In fact, the first World Cup Soccer match was held in Uruguay in 1930, and in the final, Uruguay beat Argentina.

Image Credits: Presidency of the Nation of Argentina for Mujica and Fernandez’s image