Let’s run the Marathon des Sables

Let’s run the Marathon des Sables (MdS), also known as the Marathon of the Sands, one of the hardest running races in the world. It is held annually in the Sahara Desert in Morocco, and was first held in 1986. It is a six day race that covers a distance of about 250 kilometers (150 miles) with one rest day. The route of the race changes every year.  Running over the dunes in the heat (temperatures can be as high as 50 degrees Celsius or 120 degrees Fahrenheit) makes this race very difficult. Not only that, the runners have to carry all the stuff they need, except for tents and water, on their backs. The 2013 MdS recently finished on April 15 and had over a thousand people from nearly 50 countries participate.

Here is a video from this year’s race.

Image Credits: www.marathondessables.com for MdS’ logo