Let’s celebrate April Fools’ Day

Let’s celebrate April Fools’ Day! April 1 is a day when many people around the globe play pranks and have fun fooling their friends. Why do people celebrate this holiday? Well, nobody knows for sure. However, one popular belief takes us back about 430 years, when the Catholic countries of Europe started following the Gregorian calendar, the calendar which most of us around the world follow today. It was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582. Before this, these Catholic countries followed the Julian calendar. When the Gregorian calendar was adopted, the start of the New Year was moved from the end of March to January 1. However, some people continued to celebrate the start of the New Year on April 1. These people were considered foolish and people played pranks on them.

This year, many Internet and technology companies played pranks. Google announced that it was shutting YouTube. It also announced that it was launching a new search engine called “Google Nose” where you’ll be able to smell. If you searched for “Google” on Microsoft’s search engine Bing, it took you to a Google-look-alike Bing page. Twitter announced that people will have to pay for using vowels in their tweets. They could only tweet consonants for free. Virgin announced that it was launching a glass-bottomed plane. Sony unveiled its new line of electronics for pets. There were special speakers for hamsters, headphones for cats, and flat screen displays for dogs. Here is their video advertisement.

Hope you had fun tricking somebody or being tricked!

Image Credits: google.com for Google Nose’s image