Happy birthday to the cell phone

Credit: Rico ShenOn April 3, many people celebrated the 40th birthday of the cell phone. Martin Cooper, a researcher at an American telecommunications company called Motorola, invented the modern cell phone in 1973. He is considered to be the “father of the cell phone”. In fact, he made the first cell phone call to his rival at AT&T, another telephone company, to gloat a bit over the fact that his company made the invention first! His first sentence was, “Joel, this is Marty. I’m calling you from a cellphone, a real, handheld, portable cellphone.” The phone weighed almost 1 kg (over 2 pounds) and was quite large – certainly not something that would fit in your jeans pocket! The first commercial cell phone, the DynaTAC 8000X phone, was introduced by Motorola a decade later and weighed about half a kg (about 1 pound). Today we have cell phones that weigh less than 3 ounces (0.19 pound).

Did you know?

“Me at the zoo” was the first ever video uploaded on YouTube  on April 23, 2005. You can watch it here.

Image Credits: Rico Shen for Cooper’s image