Communication error

The French president’s camel was eaten up by the family taking care of it in Mali. The government of Mali has promised Francois Hollande, the president of France, another camel which will now be delivered to France. Last year, some rebel groups had taken over the northern part of Mali and claimed it to be their independent land. These rebels had been fighting with the government of Mali and were trying to take over more of Mali. Earlier this year, Hollande sent over French troops to help Malian troops regain their land from the rebels. The towns and cities that the rebels had taken over are back under the control of the Malian government, although the rebels are still in parts of the desert area in Mali. As a way of thanking the French president, a camel was gifted to Hollande earlier this year. He left the camel with a family in Mali who he thought would take care of the camel. However, the family misunderstood what it was supposed to do with the camel, and ended up cooking and eating the camel instead.

Image Credits: warsame90 for the camel image