Traffic police in Hanoi

If you are short, overweight, or rude, you might have a problem working on the streets as part of the traffic police force in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. According to new rules being placed, if a person doesn’t meet the size or behavior requirements, the person will have a desk job as part of the traffic police force.  A couple of years ago, traffic policemen were told not to wear sunglasses or put their hands in their pockets while at work. However, the sunglasses rule was modified because the sun bothered many people’s eyes as they worked outdoors. The traffic policemen can wear sunglasses, but are required to take them off while talking to the public. The traffic policemen are trying to improve their image of being more professional and friendly.

Vietnam is an S-shaped country. One very unique place to visit in the country is the Ha Long Bay. The Bay has over a thousand islets (very small islands) with pillar like stone formations. A wine drunk at special occasions in the country is ruou ran (snake wine). As the name describes, it is wine where there is a whole snake stored in the wine bottle!

Image Credits: Halong Bay Cruise underway for Ha Long Bay’s image