The first Grand Prix of 2013

The 2013 Formula One (F1) World Championship, one of the most prestigious open-wheeled car races in the world, started on March 17 with the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne, Australia. Twenty-two drivers from eleven teams are participating. Kimi Raikkonen, a 33-year old from Finland, won the race. He is with the racing team called Lotus F1. Raikkonen is nicknamed “Iceman” because of his cool and calm attitude. F1 consists of a series of races called Grand Prix. This year there are going to be 19 Grand Prix races. The last race will be held on November 24 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Did you know?

An F1 car can go from 0 to 160 km per hour (100 miles per hour) and back to 0 in just 4 seconds! Not only that, but the crew can change the wheels of a car during a race in less than 4 seconds. Here is a video.


Image Credits: Morio for Kimi image