Richest people on Earth

Forbes, an American magazine, comes out with a list of the world’s richest people every year. The richest person in the world is still Carlos Slim Helu (see image) of Mexico. He is in the telecommunications industry and has held the number one spot for four years now. He is worth around US$73 billion. The second richest is Bill Gates, an American who co-founded the software company Microsoft. He is worth US$67 billion. Amancio Ortega, the Spanish founder of the Zara fashion brand, holds the third place with US $57 billion. Last year, there were 1,226 billionaires (in US dollars) in the world. This year, the number has gone up to 1,426. The United States has the largest number of billionaires (442).

Did you know?

There is at least one person who is upset with Forbes’ list. It is Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal. He is listed with a wealth of about US$20 billion, but he says that Forbes is wrong, and his wealth is close to US$30 billion.

Image Credits: Agência Brasil for Helú‘s image