New constitution in Zimbabwe

Zimbabweans have voted in favor of a new constitution. The people want a change in how the country is being run. With the new constitution, a person can be president of the country for a maximum of two five-year terms. The post of prime minister will no longer exist. The members of parliament will have more power and more responsibility. Robert Mugabe is the president of Zimbabwe and is 89 years old. He has been the leader of the country for the last 33 years. The new constitution’s rule about limiting presidents to two terms applies from now onwards, so Mugabe could potentially be president for another 2 terms.

Zimbabwe is famous for its “balancing rocks”. These are rock formations that are found in various places in the country. The rocks are piled up naturally and look like they could easily topple over, but they have been in those positions for years. An image of balancing rocks is also on some of Zimbabwe’s currency.