Join the laughter

Gilda’s LaughFest 2013 was held in Michigan, USA from March 7 to March 17. It is an annual 10-day festival, where people gather to enjoy laughter. There are talks, stand up comics, movies, books, and lots of “seriously funny stuff”. The festival started in 2011, and that year, a Guinness Book World Record was set at the festival for the largest rubber chicken toss. Last year, a Guinness Book World Record was set for the most people wearing animal noses. This year, 1,544 people wore false mustaches and broke the previous record of 648.

Did you know?

Oxymorons are a combination of contradictory words. Here are some: seriously funny, found missing, a little big, easy problem, jumbo shrimp, good grief, long shorts, once again.

Image Credits: for Laugh Fest logo