Cyber attack in South Korea

When a country is attacked, you think of guns, bombs, and other weapons. Well, in today’s day and age, if a country’s computers are attacked, it can shut down a country. Such an attack is called a “cyber attack”. Think about all the things that are controlled or work because of computers. يورو 2024 A cyber attack could stop all bank operations, credit card payments, transportation systems, power plants – the list is endless!  Well, computers in some South Korean banks and TV stations stopped working for some hours on March 20. عدد اوراق الكوتشينة The South Korean government is investigating the cyber attack and is trying to find who was responsible. مباريات اليورو 2022

Did you know?

YouTube, the online video sharing site owned by Google, recently announced that it has more than 1 billion people visiting its site each month. That’s about 1 out of every 7 humans on our planet!