Ecuador’s president is re-elected

Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa was re-elected for a third term. Correa first became president in 2007.  He is well-liked in the country. His government has helped Ecuadorians by building new schools, roads, and hospitals around the country, and by creating more jobs. Once Correa has finished serving as president for the next term, he would have been the president of the country for about 10 years. In the 10 years before Correa became president, Ecuador had 7 presidents. Quito is the capital of Ecuador and Spanish is the country’s official language. The famous Galapagos Islands belong to Ecuador. The Islands are famous for their unique plants and animals, many of which are only found there.

Did you know?

“Ecuador” means “equator” in Spanish, and the country is named after the equator which passes through.

Image Credits: Agência Brasil for Correa’s photograph