A big diamond robbery

It was another scene from a movie, except this was more of an action movie scene. It took just 5 minutes. Eight robbers dressed up as policemen, drove in two vehicles, tore part of the airport fence in Brussels (the capital of Belgium), pulled up to a passenger plane that was about to take off, got out with machine guns pointed at the plane officials, stole a piece of luggage, and drove off. The piece of luggage they stole had diamonds worth US$50 million. The diamonds had come on a road trip from Antwerp, Belgium, and were on their way to Switzerland.

Antwerp is one of the world’s biggest diamond trading centres. About 80% of the world’s rough diamonds are traded in the city. Antwerp also holds one of the world’s biggest jewel robbery records. Diamonds and jewels worth more than $100 million were stolen there in 2003.

Did you know?

Recently, the Belgian post office started selling stamps that smell and taste of chocolate.