Fighting in Africa

Governments in a few countries in Africa (Mali, Central African Republic, and Eritrea) have been involved in fighting with some rebel groups.

In Eritrea, a group of rebel soldiers took over some government offices. This lasted for less than a day, and things went back to being normal in the country. It is unclear if the demands of the soldiers were met or if the soldiers just gave in. Not much is known about what goes on in Eritrea. Eritrea’s President Issaias Afeworki has ruled the country in a stern and secretive manner since Eritrea got its independence from Ethiopia in 1993. The capital of Eritrea is Asmara. A popular breakfast food in the country is “kitcha fit fit “. It is made out of pieces of bread with spices and butter.

In Central African Republic (CAR), rebels started fighting against the government in December, and took over a few towns. The rebels’ complaint was that CAR’s President Francois Bozize had broken a deal he had made with them in the past. Earlier this month, Bozize and the rebels signed a new peace agreement, which has brought an end to the fighting. According to the new agreement, Bozize will continue being the president of the country. However, a new prime minister will be chosen from a different political party, and the prime minister will be given powers to run the government. Bozize has been the president of CAR since 2003. CAR was a French colony and gained its independence in 1960. The average life expectancy of a person (that is the average number of years a person lives for) in CAR is about 50 years. One interesting fact about CAR is that out of the 10 largest cities in the country, 8 have names that begin with the letter ‘B’! The biggest one is Bangui, the capital city. CAR borders a bunch of countries that have names with the letter “C”. Its neighbors are Cameroon, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Sudan, and South Sudan.

Meanwhile, in Mali, rebels are still fighting the government. In fact, earlier this year, France, Nigeria, and a few other African countries decided to help the government of Mali, and sent their troops to work with Malian soldiers. Last year, rebels belonging to a group called Tuareg had been fighting with Malian troops, and in April, they claimed northern Mali to be their independent land. These rebels were pushed to the sidelines by some Islamist rebel groups, and multiple rebel groups have been fighting the government of Mali. These rebels have taken over a few towns, including the famous Timbuktu. The Tuareg people have lived in the Sahara desert area for thousands of years. They are nicknamed the “Blue People” because they often wear blue-colored clothing which leaves a bit of the blue color on their skin. Mali was also a French colony and gained its independence in 1960. Bamako is the capital of Mali.

Did you know? According to the CIA World Factbook, Monaco is the country with the highest life expectancy at birth of 89.68 years. The lowest is Chad’s with 48.69 years.


Did you know? The Tuareg people have a car named after them, the Volkswagen Touareg.