Most searched terms of 2012

Yahoo! put out its list of the most searched terms for 2012, and its number one searched term is “elections” (the United States had its presidential elections this November). The next most searched is “iPhone 5” (Apple’s phone). In the top five are “Kim Kardashian” (an actress and businesswoman from the USA), “Kate Middleton” (the wife of Prince William from the UK),  “Whitney Houston” (a singer and an actress from the USA who died this year), and “Olympics”.

Some of the fastest rising search terms on Google for 2012 are “Whitney Houston”, “Gangnam Style” (a South Korean song whose video has been watched millions of times on the Internet), “Hurricane Sandy” (a huge storm that caused damage in the United States, Cuba, the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Haiti), “ iPad 3” (Apple’s tablet), “Kate Middleton”, and “Olympics 2012”.
It’s interesting that based on the popular searched terms in a year, one can figure out the major events that took place on our planet. Here is a video showing major events of 2012.

Did you know? For the four years from 2005 to 2008, the most searched term on Yahoo! was the same – “Britney Spears”!

Did you know? There were over a  trillion searches made on Google in 2012.


Image Credits: Yahoo! and Google for their logos