Spilled milk

It was raining milk at the European Parliament in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, on November 27. Thousands of farmers from around Europe were holding protests, and some farmers were shooting milk out of hoses at the buildings. Many drove their tractors around the city. The farmers are upset because the price of milk has been falling, and they want the price increased. The dairy farmers don’t make enough money to make their ends meet.

Throwing food has been used by protestors all over the world. The Greeks are known for throwing yogurt at people they are unhappy with. Hillary Clinton’s (an American official) motorcade was struck by tomatoes in Egypt. Lady Gaga (an American singer) was pelted with eggs in Australia. Bill Gates (an American entrepreneur) received a couple of pies in his face in Belgium.

Here is an advertisement video for visiting the European Parliament’s Visitor Centre in Belgium.

Did you know? There are a few proverbs around “milk”. One of them is “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” It means to not complain or be upset about something that has already been done since it cannot be undone.


Image Credits: EU for the European Parliament image