New leaders in China

On November 15, China’s ruling political party, the Communist Party of China, announced its new leaders. The new head of the Party, who is expected to become the next president of China, is Xi Jinping. New leaders are not elected by Chinese citizens but by the members of the Communist Party. This happens every ten years.

Soon after World War II, there was a civil war in China and the Communist Party took over. It has governed China since 1949. It has over 80 million members, which makes it the world’s largest political party!

Jinping was born in 1953. His father was an important member of the Communist Party. Jinping studied chemical engineering in college, and has worked for the Communist Party for many years.

Hu Jintao, the current president of China, will step down in March next year. Jintao is credited for China’s very fast rate of economic growth in the last decade. In 2005, China flew past France, Italy, and the United Kingdom to become the world’s No. 4 economy. In 2009, it beat Germany to become No. 3, and a year later, it bumped Japan and took the No. 2 spot. China also became the world’s biggest exporter (seller of goods and services to other countries) in 2009. It is quite common to find the label “Made In China” on products you buy all around the globe. Some of the world’s largest companies today are in China. It is the country with the most mobile phones in use – over a billion! China also has the world’s largest population with over 1.3 billion people.

The capital of China is Beijing. A famous landmark of the country is the Great Wall of China, a series of walls which were built by different kings over a period of more than two thousand years. The Chinese invented paper, printing, the compass, chopsticks, kites, noodles, restaurant menus, and lots more!


Did you know? The United States is the world’s largest economy, and Germany is the world’s second biggest exporter.

Image Credits: Nicolas M. Perrault for the Great Wall of China image