Let’s visit the Bermuda Triangle

Let’s visit the Bermuda Triangle (or, perhaps, we shouldn’t  ). This is a place in the Atlantic Ocean where many ships and planes have disappeared without explanation!

The Bermuda Triangle is between Bermuda, Miami (Florida, USA), and San Juan (Puerto Rico, USA). Some people believe that there are supernatural forces that are at work in the area, and others think it’s the work of aliens! However, most scientists believe that natural causes can explain the disappearances – the region has lots of storms to cause accidents, and a fast current (the Gulf Stream) that can clear up any evidence of the accidents.

The Bermuda Triangle has certainly fascinated many people over the years. There are books, a movie, and even a song about it. The song was sung by Barry Manilow, and goes as follows –  “Bermuda Triangle. It makes people disappear. Bermuda Triangle. Don’t go too near!”