Future of Star Wars

For all you Star Wars fans, there will be a new Star Wars movie out in 2015. This will be the seventh Star Wars film. The American media and entertainment company Walt Disney (also known as just Disney), recently announced that it is going to buy the company Lucasfilm which made the Star Wars films. Disney also said that it will be creating more Star Wars movies in the coming years. We all know about Mickey Mouse and the other famous Disney characters, but did you know that Disney also owns Marvel Comics (including Spider Man, X-Men, and Iron Man) as well as the ABC and ESPN TV channels?

Many people consider one of two days (May 4 or May 25) as “Star Wars Day”. May 25 is celebrated because the first Star Wars movie was released on this day in 1977. May 4 is celebrated because fans picked up a popular phrase from the movie series, “May the force be with you”, and now say “May the fourth be with you” on May 4.