2012 Formula One

November 25 was an exciting day for car racing, when Sebastian Vettel of Germany won the 2012 Formula One (F1) World Championship. The final Grand Prix race was held in São Paulo, Brazil. Wait a minute, we were talking about “Formula One”, so what’s a “Grand Prix”? F1 consists of a series of races called Grand Prix. The number of Grand Prix races held in a year can change. The results of all the Grand Prix races are combined to determine the overall winner of the F1 Championship. Twenty Grands Prix races were held this year in various cities around the world. F1 is one of the most prestigious open-wheeled car races in the world. Open-wheeled cars are cars that have wheels outside their main body.

Did you know? F1 cars are quite fast. Their top speeds are about 350 km/hr (220 miles/hr).


Did you know? Ronny Wechselberger (from Germany) set the world record for the tightest car parallel parking in June. He parked in a spot that was just 14 cm (5.51 in) longer than his car. The previous record was parking in a spot 15 cm longer than the car driven. You can watch the parking effort here.



Image Credits: Ryan Bayona for Vettel’s image