Greek protests

On September 26, tens of thousands of Greeks protested against their government in Athens, the capital of the country.  This is because the government came up with a plan to cut more jobs, reduce money spent on health care, and further reduce people’s salaries.  Schools, banks, government offices, and shops shut down for the protests.

In 2010, the Greek government ran into serious money problems, where the country had a huge loan and did not have money to pay back the portion that was due. Greece had to borrow money from the European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). However, to get this money, the government of Greece had to reduce its spending, which it has been doing, but needs to do more. When the Greek government reduces salaries or cuts jobs, it financially hurts the citizens of the country, and they are fed up of the cuts.

Did you know?

On September 29, a power failure caused the radar system at the airport in Athens to stop working. This caused delays in flights taking off and landing. The power failure was not because of a protest or a strike, but because of a helium balloon flying around.