Robot faster than man

A robot called “Cheetah” is the fastest robot to run on legs. It is now faster than Usain Bolt, the person called “the fastest man on Earth”. The robot can run at a speed of 45.5 kmph (28.3 mph). Bolt’s top speed  is 44.72 kmph or (27.8 mph). Cheetah currently runs on a treadmill in the laboratory, but the scientists plan on getting it out and about next year. Cheetah has been built in Massachusetts, USA by a robotics design company called Boston Dynamics. You can watch Cheetah running here.


Did you know?

Cheetah (the animal, not the robot) is the fastest mammal on land. It can run at speeds over 100 kmph (70 mph).


Image Credits: Boston Dynamics for Cheetah’s image