Protests staged in numerous countries

A movie made by an unknown director/producer in the United States has made many people in the world very angry.  In July, the trailer of the film and passages from the film were released on You Tube, the online video sharing site owned by Google. This month, the film has come to the attention of people and has caused an uproar. The film insults the religion of Islam, and has hurt the feelings of Muslims around the world. People upset by this movie have staged protests in front of the United States Embassies in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Sudan, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, France, Australia, the United Kingdom, and a few other countries. Some of the protests have been violent, and some of the American Embassies have been attacked. The US government has stated that it doesn’t support the film or its views (see image). However, American law supports free speech, and therefore, the movie is allowed to be made in the country. There are some countries where insulting a particular religion is prohibited and  is considered a very serious crime.