Google search terms in 2011

Some of the fastest rising search terms on Google in 2011 were “Rebecca Black” (a person who posted her song “Friday” on YouTube), “Google Plus” (Google’s social networking site), “Battlefield 3” (a video game), “iPhone 5” (Apple’s next phone expected to come out in 2012), “iPad 2” (Apple’s tablet computer), and “Steve Jobs” (Apple’s ex-CEO who died last year). Time magazine said that the top buzzword for 2011 was “occupy” (the word that was used in the name given to protests that started in New York, USA called “Occupy Wall Street”). A poll result determined “whatever” to be the most annoying English language word or phrase followed by “like” and “you know” for 2011. Now how many times have you said, “Like, you know, whatever”? 🙂