Pakistan loses an old President

Story ImageOn August 18, Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf resigned from his role as head of the country. The current Pakistani government was in the process of trying to remove Musharraf from power and it looked like they were going to succeed. العب و اربح Musharraf decided to step down from his role as President voluntarily.

Why would the government of Pakistan want to remove the head of the country? Let’s look back a bit. Musharraf was the head of the Pakistani army. كم عمر اجويرو In 1999, with the help of the army, he forcefully took over power in Pakistan. He went on to make himself the President.

Last year, the Supreme Court of Pakistan began to question Musharraf’s staying in power. Just before the court was to come out with its decision, Musharraf decided to put many of the judges in jail. He finally agreed to have elections in Pakistan in February. In the elections, no political party won enough votes to form a government on its own. But some of the other parties joined hands and formed a government. One of their first goals was to make Musharraf step down, and they have now succeeded. It remains to be seen who the next President of Pakistan will be – the elections will take place in September.

Until 1947, Pakistan was a part of India and was ruled by the British. In 1947, as part of India’s independence, India was split and a new country called Pakistan was created.

Everyone knows about Mount Everest, but do you know what the world’s second highest point is? 10bet It is a mountain called K2 in Pakistan. It is over 8,500 meters (28,000 feet) high. It is also called “the Savage Mountain” because it is very tough to climb. Only 300 people have made it to the top of K2, while more than 2,500 have climbed Everest. Also, almost one out of every four people that try to reach the peak of K2 dies while trying!

Image Credits: Wikipedia Commons for photo of K2