No more kings in Nepal

May 28 was a historical day in Nepal. After 240 years of being ruled by kings, Nepal will now fully be run by a government elected by the people. Thus it transitions from being a monarchy (“ruled by one”) to a democracy (“ruled by the people”).

Strictly speaking, Nepal was not a pure monarchy. The king was ruling Nepal along with a government headed by a prime minister. But the king will now step down. His family will vacate the royal palace, which will become a museum. Also, a new “constitution” will be written. This is a document that lays down all the rules that any future government will have to follow. The constitution is usually quite complex. In Nepal, they expect that it will take two years for the constitution to be put in place!

Nepal is known as the “trekker’s paradise”. Of the 10 highest mountains in the world, 8 are in Nepal (including the highest – Mt Everest). It is also the birth place of Gautama Buddha, a spiritual leader and the founder of a religion called Buddhism.

If you are a dog, you’d certainly want to be in Nepal for the festival of Tihar. On the second day of the festival, dogs are honored – a flower necklace is put around their necks and they are given a lot of good food to eat! The famous saying ‘every dog has his day’  really comes true!