Hope in Israel-Palestine conflict

Israel and a group called the Hamas agreed to a “truce” in an area called the Gaza Strip. In other words, they agreed not to fight with each other there. This could be the first step towards the end of one of the world’s most famous (and complicated) fights! So who’s fighting with whom and why?

Jews and Palestinians have both lived in the same geographical region for centuries, and each has been the main group in that region at different times. Since that region is “home” for both sets of people, they have strong disagreements about who should get to live where. The United Nations tried to propose two countries – one for the Jews and one for the Palestinians. Unfortunately, they didn’t agree. By the time the initial fighting was over, the Jews were part of a country called Israel, while the Palestinians lived mostly in two separate regions – the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, both of which are next to Israel. But the fighting and disagreements between the two haven’t really stopped, and various attempts at peace have failed in the past.To make things even more complicated, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank are currently controlled by different groups of Palestinians. A group called Hamas controls Gaza Strip.

This last week, thanks to the efforts of Egypt, the Hamas and Israel have agreed that they will not fight with each other in the Gaza Strip. Israel will also allow more goods to reach Gaza. If this peace holds, it could lead to a much wider agreement between Israel and Palestine – something that the world has been waiting for, for a very long time!