Zimbabwe holds elections

On March 29th, the people of Zimbabwe voted to elect their next president. All the votes have been counted but the winner still has not been declared! The two main candidates running for president are the current president, Robert Mugabe, and Morgan Tsvangirai. Mugabe claims that many votes need to be counted again. Tsvangirai says it’s been almost two weeks and there is no reason for not declaring the election results. He has appealed to Zimbabwe’s High Court to force the results to be released. The case is currently in progress.

Zimbabwe is a country in southern Africa. It used to be a British colony called Southern Rhodesia. In 1965, it declared independence from Britain and changed the name to just Rhodesia. In 1980, free elections were held, and the country was named Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe became its first leader and has been for the last 28 years! Zimbabwe gets its name from “Great Zimbabwe”, one of the largest ruins in Africa. Great Zimbabwe was built for over 300 years starting around 11th century A.D. It is a complex of stone buildings that covers an area of approximately 3 square miles (7 square km).  One amazing fact is that no mortar was used to stick the stone blocks together – they were simply laid one on top of the other. Zimbabwe is also famous for its animals, especially its herds of elephants, the world’s largest living land mammals.