Season for new leaders!

It seems to be the season for elections for Presidents and Prime Ministers around the globe. Russia, Malta, Malaysia, and Spain had elections in the last few days for the most important person in their government.

Let’s start with the basics of elections. These elections are a time when citizens of a country vote to choose the leader they want. Each country has its own government structure and laws to decide who the winner is. The winner usually has to win the most votes. In some countries, the most powerful government figure is the Prime Minister, but in some others, it is the President or the Monarch or yet some other person. Once a new leader is elected, the time she or he serves in the office varies amongst various countries.

Russia had elections for the next President on March 2 and Dmitriy Medvedev won by a large percentage. He stays in office for four years. On March 8, Malta held elections for its Prime Minister. The current Prime Minister, Lawrence Gonzi, won again, but only by a slight margin. The Prime Minister is elected for a 5 year term. On the same day, Malaysia had its elections, where the current Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi won, but his party lost a lot of control it used to have. In Malaysia, the election must be held no later than five years. On March 9, the current Prime Minister of Spain, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, won the elections in Spain keeping him in the office for another  four years.